Increasing family relationships and connecting them to the earth.

Green Acres SLF is a teaching farm with the goal of raising awareness and increasing knowledge about sustainability in local communities. The purpose of the farm is to inspire and educate children and families about living a more conscious life by using sustainable living practices, renewable energy, and agriculture for the sake of having healthier, more balanced and responsible children that happily appreciate the world around them.

Green Acres SLF is also about building relationships; relationships with the earth, people, family, animals and food. The vision includes seeing the knowledge gained here result in healthier family meals cooked together from the family´┐Żs garden, an increase in the use of renewable energy, and a happier more sustainable community. If this is achieved, the long term results would show a reduction in childhood ailments like obesity, diseases like diabetes, and starvation due to poverty and a decrease in our carbon foot print.